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Prefer Performance Over Style

By default, your laptop is set to wait to see if you plan to boot an alternate operating system. This is really only helpful if you use a dual boot system and frequently switch between two different operating systems. By default, Windows collects an absurd amount of data to provide targeted advertising and suggest content in your searches. Not only are there serious privacy concerns with that policy, but these data collection processes take up memory since they are constantly running in the background.

Make sure the box labeled Remember This Is A Game is checked, and from that point on Windows will give you enhanced performance with that program. To see what programs are on the System Tray notification area, just click the Up Arrow icon at the far right side of the Start bar. Under the Shutdown Settings heading, check the box labeled Turn On Fast Startup. From that point forward, Windows will save a kernel of your current session so it can boot back up faster when you turn the laptop back on. Besides the dozens of fonts Windows comes with on every new laptop, there are thousands of fonts available to download on the web.

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To troubleshoot specific problems with printers, keyboards, or power settings, just type “Troubleshoot” into the search bar and click the icon. Previous versions of Windows included a tool called the Performance Troubleshooter that sought out problems affecting speed or causing crashes. That tool has been split into two areas with Windows 10.

With some laptops you remove a single screw to access an M.2 slot. In others, you remove up to 10 screws and fully pop off the bottom half of the chassis.

For now though, its quite an involved process for NVIDIA cards. Check out netgear genie software a full rundown on the tools you’ll need and list of settings to tweak over here.

Navigate to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management and double-click the entry on the right side labeled ClearPageFileAtShutdown. Change the ValueData field to 0, then click OK and restart your laptop. Double-click the new string entry and set the value data to however many milliseconds you want Windows to wait before closing programs on shutdown, such as 5000 for 5 seconds or 2000 for 2 seconds. By default, Windows 10 waits for programs to shut down on their own before automatically killing them during the shut down process. If you want them to close faster, you need to change a registry entry.

  • Once you have your browser plugin installed, RememBear will consider your setup complete.
  • When you’re ready to login to a website, you can use RememBear to quickly insert your username and password information.
  • If you want more information on the account, click the “i” button to get more details, including any notes you may have left for that account in your RememBear app.
  • To do so, click on the bear symbol in the login form , then select the correct account information.
  • Once you enter your username and password, RememBear will generate a pop-up stating that you need to enter your master password first to save the login information.

To get started, type “advanced” in the Search box and click the View Advanced System Settings icon. Navigate to the Advanced tab and click the Setting button beneath the Performance heading. Click the radio button labeled Adjust For Best Performance (or de-select the check marks manually next to each visual effect you want to turn off) and click OK. Superfetch in particular should be turned off if you are using an SSD, as it can wear down your drive much faster with constant data writing processes.

To check on your warranty , head to the website for your laptop’s manufacturer. Navigate to the “Warranty & Services” section of the site to enter your serial number and find out if you are covered for replacement parts. Some will be as short as 90 days, while others will go out to 3 years!

While repairing a laptop is often so expensive it isn’t worth the effort, your machine may still be under warranty and have replacement parts up for grabs. Mint CinnamonandUbuntuare two of the most popular Linux versions available right now. A full guide on creating a Linux boot drive to install the operating system can be found here. Before buying new RAM, verify the maximum amount your laptop’s motherboard can handle. Check which kind you have before buying an SSD, as the two are not directly compatible.